How To Tell Male vs Female Weed Plants?

How To Tell Male vs Female Weed Plants?

How to tell male vs female weed plants is an initial key issue of growers. The Weed plant is a three-gender plant: male, female and hermaphrodite.

When growers start their crops with relugar seeds or with branches extracted without explicit gender, growers need to determine their gender right away for proper care.

In such cases, the fastest and most accurate way to determine gender is to shorten the lighting time to 12h / 12h. Or some people will wait for mature weed plants to flower.

It is very easy to distinguish the sex of weed plants based on the flower morphology. The male plant has small balls filled with pollen. These pollen bags after development will burst and pollen will fly around the space.

The female weed plants will have white pistils emerging from the sepals. They are white in color and later grow as white hairs. These pistils are never green.

Pollen naturally in the wind and thanks to insects that come to the flowers of female plants. Flowers of female plants after pollination from male plants will pollinate and produce seeds.

By the end of the season, growers will harvest cannabis seeds and very small flowers as the female plants focus their energy on pollination without growing flowers. So you will not be able to harvest many flowers unless you remove the male and hermaphrodite plants.

The highest THC component in cannabis is found in the flowers of female plants. Unless you want to breed a particular cannabis strain, you don’t need to quickly determine its gender. But if you want to produce the highest yield, you should determine its gender.

Typically, an experienced grower will distinguish between males and females when they begin to mature, around the fifth or sixth foliage.

If not, growers can also distinguish the gender of weed plants by squeezing the flowering of the extracted branches.

This is a technique commonly used to determine the gender of a female weed plant. Experienced growers will extract branches when the plants mature and leave them in the light with a lighting time of 12 hours a day (for plants to sleep 12 hours).

Small branches when pressed light will flourish and bloom. Thanks to the flowers of the small branches growers will know the true gender of weed plants. And now, it is time for you to tell apart male vs female weed plants depends their orphology.